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Ross Online
Ross-on-Wye Community Website

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At the heart of Ross Online, is a fully searchable directory. The directory contains an entry for every commercial and non-commercial business and organisations in Ross-on-Wye and its locality that we know about. The businesses and organisations listed in the directory range in size from one-man-band's "what do" to sole traders, professionals and shopkeepers to small and medium size local, regional and national concerns.

List your business FREE | Contact us
Every business, or organisation, in the area is listed in the directory free of charge. The free listing will include your:

  • business name
  • business activity
  • postal address
  • telephone number.

Are you listed on Ross Online? | Contact us
If not, call Gill on 01898 566600 now or e-mail your details to gill@grapple.ltd.uk and we will add you to our directory free of charge

Ross Online has had over 1.5 million hits in 2004. Many businesses regularly report getting significant numbers of new business enquiries and actual sales each month as a direct of being listed on Ross Online.

High levels of sales enquiries. | Contact us
The businesses getting the highest levels of sales enquiries are those who have converted their free listing into a 12 month promotional entry. In addition to name, address and telephone number, a promotional entry includes:

  • Trading logo
  • Link to website
  • Description of products and or services,
  • Images of products/services,
  • Link to e-mail address.
  • Number of visitors to your listing reported monthly
  • Change your information as often as you like – FREE

Does it work? | Contact us
It most certainly does. But don't take our word for. Talk to businesses who are getting new business from having a promotional entry on Ross Online.

Call who? Gill on 01989 566600 and tell her what sort of business you are in. She will give you list of names of businesses to contact. Not direct competitors but businesses similar to yours.

How to get a promotional listing. | Contact us
Call or e-mail us today with information about your business. Send us a description of your business activity, products and or services together with a copy of your business logo and any photographs you want to include.

How much? | Contact us
From £75 per annum, including make up of your promotional listing.

Don't have a logo! | Contact us
Not a problem. We will make one for you at no extra cost

Haven't got a written business description! | Contact us
Not a problem. We will write for you which you get to edit and approve before it is published at no extra cost.

Don't have photographs! | Contact us
Not a problem. We will take all the photographs needed at no extra cost.

Ross Online
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